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15mm Container VTOL - DUCTED FAN



Three Options in Range:  Container, Passenger Pod & Cargo Pod.

  • PACK01: Ducted Fan Container VTOLs (pack of 2)
    Ducted Fan Version
    Includes 2 9x3x3 Container
    60mm Wide (legs), 160mm (Fan)
    50mm Tall
    120mm Long

  • PACK02: Ducted Fan VTOLs - PASSENGER POD(pack of 2)
    As VTOLs above but  replaces Container & Frame with Passenger Pod
    Approx Size: 90Lx42Wx30mmW

  • PACK03: Ducted Fan VTOLs - CARGO POD(pack of 2)
    As VTOLs  above but  replaces Container & Frame with Cargo Pod.
    Approx Size: 90Lx42Wx30mmW
    Could be useable as a Military ‘Ghetto’  Lander