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15mm Shops - 10x10cm



15mm Shop Range, 10cm Square, 1 or more storeys height.

  • PACK01: 4 single Storey shops (flat roof)
    Pack contain multiple different walls to provide variety in design.
  • PACK02: 2 x 2 storey Shops (flat Roof)
  • PACK03: 4 Storey Shop (flat roof)
    Includes an extra single storey 75x75 shop with over hanging flat roof
  • PACK04: 2 x 2 Storey Shops with Bridge between them
    (pack includes parts for a 10cm or 5cm long bridge.)
  • PACK05: 2 x 2 storey Shops  with over hanging Pent Roof
    Pack contain two of each of the upper floor wallls.