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Two Sizes (9x6cm & 16x8cm) with a several internal layouts.

9x6cm Condos  -  All same basic design with different internal layout.

PACK01:  3 x 2 Storey Units (designed to be used in terraced blocks)

PACK02:  5 Storey Design with top 4 floors having Balconies.

PACK03:  2 x 3 Storey Units

16x8 CONDOs

PACK01: 3 Storey Family Condo

PACK02: 3 Storey Family Condo (Layout Variation)

PACK03: 3 Storey Student Accommodation (Numerous  smaller rooms on under two floors, open plan ground floor.)

PACK04: 2 Storey Condo with additional half &  Roof Terrace