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WHOLE BUILDING PACKS:  Multi-Storey Building

These don't require additional Packs to complete but can in most cases have additional floors fitted.

PACK01: Multi-Storey Building - 3 Storey with helipad.

This version is 3 Storey with helipad.

Price includes the cut window frames but you will need to do your own 'glass'
The stairs are done as a ramp instead of individual steps to make easier to place figures.

20Wx15cmD, Floor Height 30mm,

PACK02: Multi-Storey Building - POLICE station

20x15cm 3 Storey plus Roof Police Station With Helipad.

Includes all internal walls, 6 grond floor cells for storing the local criminals.
There is a small AHU/Air-Con shack on roof.

[Please note due to shifting the lift shaft these floors are not compatible with the office and shop floors].