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15mm Single Lane Roads: ROUNDABOUTs



Note: Two Packs in this Range

PACK02: MINI ROUNDABOUTs (some inc Curves as extra)

Pack contains the following Lengths  of road & pavement for both sides.

Road width 6cm, pavement width is 2cm each side.
Road is made from 2mm MDF & Pavements are 3mm MDF
The odd road section has a cut out manhole & cover.

3 x Mini Roundabouts 18x18cm, 6cm central island
5 x 90Deg Curves/Bends - 18x18cm
5 x 12cm Straights.
1 x 2 Lane Lattice Pedestrian Bridge (a lot of cutting)

Please note: For DDA compliance (& for those poor daleks) have used ramps on bridge instead of steps.

PACK04: ROUNDABOUT (27x27cm)

2 x  Large Roundabouts
22x 9cm Straights
3 x 3cm Straights
Includes associated pavements

(Is larger version of pack02)