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15mm WALLS



4 Products in this Range

  • PACK01: Vertical Panel walls
    Panels are made from 2 sections of 2mm MDF,  each section is etched with same pattern, to give effect of etching on both sides of wall.
    Each section  has 1cm wide foot & 3cm height
    11x 10cm straight wall
    2 x large gate wall (10cm)
    4 x corner walls (5cm x 5cm)
  • PACK02: Capped Block Wall
    Each section is 3 piece,  has 1cm wide foot & 3cm height
    18 x 10 Straight Walls (includes 3 walls with pedestrian door)
    6 x corner walls
    2 x Straight with Vehicle Access Gate.
    Due to limitation of laser cutter only has etching on one side of wall
    ach section is 3 piece,  has 1cm wide foot & 2cm height
    26 x 10 Straight Walls
    10 x corner walls
    4 x Straight Walls (10cmL)with Vehicle Access Gate (4cmW).
    Height ot Knuckle: 32mm +3mm for base.
    Total Height: 44.5mm
    Base -15mm across.
    Pack contacts: 2 x 30cm, 8 x 20cm, 6 x 10cm - used these to fit holes in cutting layout. 
    2 x 20cm Gates 6 x 5x5cm Corners.
    For strength these are cut from 3mm Plywood
    NOTE: Will need to supply your own Mesh.  Can Use use 10 or 20 Gauge steel Mesh (inoxia_ltd) or Plastering Scrim Tape