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A Saharaian inspired fort for those (un)lucky troopers to defend from those nasty desert natives. 

Size 30x20
Walls 8cm High

Tower 6x6 x16cm H

Width of walls is 3cm including walls, there are a set of dividers that fit within walls to form 
rooms to fight through.
 Not shown are a set of removable panels that form the parapet walkways. 

The block house (14x5cm) is double height ground floor with first floor and parapet. Was hoping to do as a separate item but in this design is part of base.

Pack also contains a  several freestanding sun guards:

1 Sun Shield for tower, 3 Sun Shields for corners, 9 Sun Shields (6cm long) for walls,

One water tower (6cm legs, 4cm segmented round tank ) and a small well.

Will wieght approx 1kGs.