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15mm - CONTAINER CLUSTER - 6cm Long




These are containers in group with only the outside walls & no internal walls separating the contaners.  Useful  (and cheaper) for doing larger groups of containers.  Some could be handy for hiding that large vehicle in

The end doors are etched & not cut out .

Only available in 9 and 6 cm Length sizes.

6cm LONG:

  • 6cm-PACK01: Five of 2 High x 2 Wide Container clusters & One of 3 High x 1 Wide
  • 6cm-PACK02: Four of 3 High x 2 Wide Clusters
  • 6cm-PACK03: Four of 2 High x 3 Wide Clusters
  • 6cm-PACK04: Three of 4 High x 2 Wide Clusters
  • 6cm-PACK05: