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A selection of Hatches suitable for use on SpaceShips.

  • PACK01: Pack of 32 Mixed Starship Hatches

  • PACK02:Pack of 28 Egg Shaped Hatches (50:50 R & L), Door D: 25x16mm, Ext D: 29x19mmW

  • PACK03: Pack of 32 Coffin Shaped Hatches

  • PACK04: Pack of 32 Round Corner Hatches (larger), Ext D:26x14mmW, Door D: 22x10mmW

  • PACK05: Pack of 32 Round Corner Closet Hatches, Ext D:26x14mmW, Door D: 22x10mmW

  • PACK06: Pack of 32 Pill Shaped Hatches